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Three simple steps: how to get good backlinks

Posted by fahad siddiqi on September 29, 2013 at 3:10 PM

There’s a lot ofturmoil in the world of link building. For years, many webmastersrelied on spam and automated backlink building tools to get highrankings on Google. These methods don’t work anymore. Fortunately,there is a way to get high quality backlinks to your site.



Step 1: forget robots and thinklike a human

Before Google’s Penguin update, many webmasters thought thatlink building was for robots. You entered your keywords and the linkbuilding tool automatically created hundreds of backlinks with yourkeywords in the anchor text.

The fact that these backlinks didn’t make any sense for humanvisitors didn’t worry most of these people. Unfortunately, Googledidn’tlike these backlinks at all and as soon as their algorithms were goodenough to detect these backlinks, websites that relied on spambacklinks experienced massive ranking drops.

The age of fully automated link building with robots is over.If you want to succeed in the modern world of link building, you haveto think and act like a human.

Step 2: find good target websites

Getting relevant links is the only sustainable link buildingstrategy. The basis of a successful link building campaign are thewebsites that link to your site. Finding these sites can be difficult.It is easy if you have the right tools.

SEOprofiler offers a variety of powerful tools that help youto find good websites that should link to your website:

   *The competitor backlinks tool:
websites that link toyour competitors are websites that should link to your website. Thecompetitor backlinks tool in SEOprofiler helps you to find these sites.


    *The hub finder:
      web sitesthat link to more than one of your competitors are so-called hub sites.These sites help search engines to categorize your website. If searchengines assign your website to the right category, your web pages willget higher rankings for keywords that are related to this category. Thehub finder tool in SEOprofiler helps you to find these hub sites.

    *The link opportunity finder:
      the link opportunity finder tool in SEOprofiler automatically createslink related search queries and it automatically retrieves the resultsfor these queries. You will get good link partner suggestions asquickly and efficiently as possible.

         For example, you will find related blogs that can writeabout your company or your products. Just like all other link tools inSEOprofiler, the link opportunity finder in SEOprofiler is integratedwith the backlink manager to make it as easy as possible to keep trackof your link building activities.

Do not use the PageRank of website to judge the quality of awebsite. Use common sense. Has the content been created by real people?Are the ads on the website reputable? Does the website list contactinformation? Further information on how to judge the quality of awebsite can be found here.

Step 3: get the backlink

Find a reason to contact the owner of the other website. Woulda link to your site be a resource for visitors of the other site? Canyou contribute unique content to the other website?

Write a personal message and let the other webmaster know thatyou are a real human being. Try to form a relationship. Tips can befound here.

The backlink manager in SEOprofiler helps you to find thecontact information of other websites. It also keeps track of yourconversions and it provides additional information about your linkpartners. The link manager helps you to build backlinks as efficientlyas possible:

This time, it’s personal!!

If you want to make sure that your links lead to long-termrankings, it is very important that you build links like a human being.Focus on relevance. Show others that you are a real person. Link toother websites whenever it makes sense. Treat others like you wouldlike to be treated.

You don’t need hundreds of links to succeed. A handful ofreally good backlinks can have a huge influence on your Googlerankings. The tools in SEOprofiler make it as easy as possible to getthese backlinks. If you haven’t done it yet, create your SEOprofileraccount now:


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